Attention Falcon users

If your account is affected with latest server maintenance and had your account renewed or provisioned in the past few days please open a ticket or email and we will look and fix your account. Please be allow us time to do this.

7th Oct 2021
Activations and Renewals

AS a reminder activations and renewals can take up to 12 HRS. If you don't want your service interrupted please pay your invoices early. New Orders be sure to check your spam box when your order goes from pending to ACTIVE. Do Not open a ticket till the amount of time has lapse. 

30th Aug 2021
Falcon schedule maintence

This is just a reminder of the server upgrades and migration that we will be performing later. During this time we will be offline between the hours of 2am-4am/5am(Eastern). We do apologise for any inconvenience that this will cause.

7th Aug 2021

Primestreams will be added to our lineup. This is a established provider that has been around for a long time so it will be the most stable.

8th Jul 2021
Services that has been removed

Creed 2.0 ---- Please open a ticket if you was on this for a store credit.

Creedplex --- Our media storage has been shut down and all content was lost. Please open a ticket and we can credit you for lost time or move you to mission VOD.

8th Jul 2021
New SEO xc player available.

We have a new XC player that will work for Falcon, sstv, kontrl and creed 2.0 for people that are not liking the smarters or perfect player versions.

You can get it from filelinked 38897374 or downloader link

19th Jun 2021
Mission VOD apk is here

We have a new package called mission which is a vod only service with premiumize included.

Please open a ticket for a trial you will love this!!

20th May 2021
Creed TV

creedtv - web player working again , falcon apk working for creed, creed perfect player is up. If you have issues clear cache , clear data and log back in. They are in rebuild mode and is adding everything from scratched  only English is up at this time  they will add the rest when they can   Creed users that renewed since wednesday we are ... Read More »

24th Apr 2021
SSTV packages now available

SSTV packages are now available.

9th Mar 2021
Beast is now Falcon Rebranding News!!!


Beast is in the process of being rebranded to Falcon TV. 

Downloader link -

Web Player -

Filelinked 38897374

Please use new app immediately.

Make sure you delete your old beast app



13th Dec 2020