Hours of Operations

We do renewals, support tickets activations 7 Day's a week.  All orders are done first come and first served. Do Not open a ticket and say that you just paid and it's not working. I will just close that ticket please allow the amount of time that is listed before opening a ticket if you have issues. If it's a renewal we will close the ticket as ... Read More »

9th Nov 2021
Activations and Renewals

AS a reminder activations and renewals can take up to 12 HRS. If you don't want your service interrupted please pay your invoices early. New Orders be sure to check your spam box when your order goes from pending to ACTIVE. Do Not open a ticket till the amount of time has lapse.  Anyone that does a dispute or chargeback will be banned for life. ... Read More »

30th Aug 2021
Reseller Packages are available!

We have reseller packages for the following services.

HIVE, Falcon, Kontrl and prime

22nd Jun 2020

If you guys are having buffering you will need to use a VPN.  Do not open a ticket about that without using a VPN. ISP are throttling across the country right now.

7th May 2020
How to Video's on on billing system!!

How to Order New Service:



How to  Access Service Credentials:



How to Pay Invoices:


12th Feb 2020
Checking for username and password!

You guys can check for your username and password by looking on your dashboard, under active services, click on your service to see if its active and you will see your user and password. We are slam and so backed up H package is done manually if you don't have the patience don't order it please. Anyone doing chargebacks will be completely banned ... Read More »

23rd Sep 2019
Cancellation request faq

Comcast users you will need to use a VPN as your isp is throttling your speed. This is a self service website so you order what you want and its provisioned automatically 99 percent of the time. If you want to cancel you will request a cancellation on the services of your choice. If you would like to keep your service to the end of the billing ... Read More »

13th May 2019
Check your spam/junk folder!

Guys be sure to check your spam/junk folder. If you have not received anything from us please open a ticket please.

Or use this link to view the emails sent from us.



16th Mar 2019