Hive - new updates

Hive - Attention all Hive user's there is a dns change due to security issues we are facing. If you are using the hive tivimate app please download the new app If you are using any of the other apps to access hive you will need to clear the app data and log back in. If you are using a 3rd party app that requires you to ... Read More »

21st May 2023
Hive - Service is restored

Hive Service is restored if you having issues..... Try to reboot your device first before opening a ticket. Please be patient as we have a ton of support tickets to go through. There was a glitch all accounts do not come with adult if you like that added to your line. Please let us know. It's been a tough week for us but now we are fully strong ... Read More »

4th May 2023
We added another Billing client for new clients only and will automated


New clients can get their trials from there for Hive and Falcon.

As soon as SSTV is stable again we will add it to the new billing for automation.

Creed as soon as they update their billing we will add it back to the new billing site for automation

7th Oct 2022
Hive user please use the smarters app

All Hive users that can't login please use the new smarters app version. Seems like the Tivimate version is having issues.

20th Sept 2022
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